“As a mother of young children, I have always struggled to find good quality skincare products for my kids. Parents everywhere in the world are moving towards products for children that are natural and organic. It should be a cause for great alarm to us that there are legal battles and settlements underway for some of the largest baby skincare companies. However, these brands - containing harsh chemicals and ingredients posing clear health risks to babies and children - continue to be the default choice in our local market for retailers and parents alike.

I have had to rely on friends and family travelling abroad to bring back non-toxic shampoos, lotions and creams for my children. It is this recurring personal frustration that has driven me to found Bnatural. In our quest to give local parents the best possible products for their little ones, my team has spent the past year identifying local and global sources for natural and certified organic ingredients. Since there are no local regulatory or certification bodies, it was impossible to get such products manufactured locally. Given that the end users of the products are babies and children, we did not want to take any chances. Eventually, we found a manufacturer in Thailand who was willing to work on developing the product with us, using natural and certified organic ingredients. All our products have been tested in Bangkok at a dermatological lab, in order to gather product feedback and check for adverse reactions. It is only after these extensive testing and quality assurance processes that we have launched our products here.

Additionally, all our products have been tested and approved for sale by the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand. We have ECOCERT certification for all organic ingredients that we use in our products, and we have listed the percentages of natural ingredients on all our products. Pakistan has witnessed a steady growth of skincare companies that claim to be organic, but there are few among them that have had their products dermatologically tested, and can back up these claims with actual certification. At Bnatural, we strongly feel it is our moral responsibility to be able to vouch for each of our products. We can assure our customers that all our products have been prepared with the utmost care for their children.

On a more personal note, I finally have access to local skincare products for my children that I can be confident will not cause them any harm. As with any product I love, I can’t help but highly recommend the Bnatural skincare range to everyone I meet! I hope these will bring you as much satisfaction as they have brought me and my family.”

With love, from our family to yours,

Sara Azmat Zaidi