"What incredible products with excellent value for money. I ordered the Orange body lotion and the Lavender hair and body wash and the insect bite cream. I absolutely loved the body and hair wash - used it on my 5 month old and 3 year old. Refreshing light fragrances, great texture and the comfort of knowing that these products are organic. I am a new, loyal customer."

- Sana Ali Manzoor

"This is a great and much-needed line of safe, organic and chemical-free baby products. For me, a must-order every month is the Kids Shampoo & Wash, with a faint pearberry scent. My four-year-old has sensitive skin and it prone to allergic reactions caused by harsh chemicals. This shampoo has raised none of those alarm bells. Also, unlike other organic shampoos I have tried in the past, this lathers up well and I usually can skip the conditioner as it provides a soft finish to the hair."

- Benazir Shah

"I've been using the baby shampoo and wash with lavender oil scent on my 10 month old who has super sensitive skin and I'm very happy with the results. Will definitely try the other products too. Such a relief to have found organic baby products in local market. Highly recommended to all the moms!"

- Maria Mariam

"Since the start of the mosquito season, I was looking for something organic and a baby friendly product. I actually took the time to study and research on a variety of products available. And bnatural's repellent holds strong grounds in its authenticity. I am glad I found this miracle! Looking fwd to switching to their shampoo n lotions!! Thumbs up!!"

- Nida Haseeb

"The orange moisturiser feels velvety smooth against my baby's skin and mine. The zesty fragrance is extremely refreshing and invigorating. The citronella mosquito repellant is very effective and leaves my room smelling citrusy afterwards. They provided me with a sample of the lavender shampoo which also seems great. Their pump dispensers and spray bottle packaging is easy to use.Will definitely be purchasing from them on a regular basis!"

- Nida Tariq

"My baby has extremely sensitive skin, I tried everything available in khi but nothing suited him till I ordered their organic baby lotion in orange and lavendar. It's absolutely amazing and our only go to lotion! Amazing and very prompt service."

- Sana Mohamed

"Got the conditioner, it’s a god send especially because my child has eczema and a day allergy. It smells amazing and leaves her hair super smooth. Thank you for an amazing locally available alternative!!!!"

- Sabeen Murad