Bnatural is a start-up based out of Lahore that was established to address a critical gap in the local market – non-availability of natural and organic skincare products for babies and kids. Building on this idea, this year, we have expanded our vision to include a certified organic product line for women.

Our journey began at the time when leading global baby skincare brands came under intense scrutiny for the use of hazardous ingredients in their products, detrimental to the health and well-being of children. Consumers started feeling an urgent need to shift from these mainstream, well-established products with lovely scents and adorable packaging–including shampoos, lotions, bath gels, sunscreens, etc. to safer alternatives.

Research indicates that as much as 60% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed by the body. The situation is more dire for children, as the top layer of a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s, which means they absorb ingredients much more readily than we do. When we use any sort of product on our baby’s skin, the ingredients absorb into their bodies. And since toxic ingredients are harder to break down, it can contribute to the weakening of our baby’s immune systems, behavior, skin health, and much more.

    Here’s a checklist of harmful ingredients regular children’s products contain:

    • Parabens: These agents, added to increase product shelf life, can alter or disrupt vital bodily functions such as growth, development, reproduction, and brain function.
    • SLS/SLES: These toxic sulphates create the foamy appearance that consumers equate with effectiveness; can irritate eyes and skin, and long-term use can cause cancer.
    • Phthalates: These can cause impaired production of testosterone, which may affect behavior, development and fertility.
    • Formaldehyde: Short-term exposure to this chemical can cause skin irritation, wheezing, watery eyes, and burning in the nose. This chemical is considered a probable cancer-causing agent.

    While global purchasing patterns shifted and organic brands started gaining traction in global markets, however, this shift was less prominent in Pakistan. And so in November 2017, Bnatural came into being as the first Pakistani brand that produces certified organic skincare products for children, that contain no harmful chemicals. Our products range from bath-time essentials to bug beaters. Based on two years of success and tremendous client feedback, we realized that there was great demand for organic skincare products for women as well and not enough brands that catered to their specific needs. In January 2020, we ventured into Bnatural | Beauty - an organic skincare product line for women.

    We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in the market of organic skincare products for children and with our latest venture into an organic product line for adults, we aim to create harm-free products for all ages and persons."